Ten things you can do TODAY to improve your yoga practice

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A recent study by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance revealed that 36 million Americans practice yoga. And every one of you yogis have a lot more in common than you might realize. Most of you perform yoga for three reasons 1. To improve flexibility, 2. To reduce stress, and 3. To improve your fitness level. It’s also interesting that nearly 80% of you give back to your communities. Go Yoga!

In the spirit of giving back, we have a few tips you can do today in your yoga practice, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, young/old, man/woman… doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter what kind of yoga you do either.

Here Are Your 10 Yoga Workout Tips:

While these tips might seem obvious, they are often overlooked. Give them a try (or remember to do them) and get more out of your yoga practice.

  1. Breathe: Talk about obvious, right? But listen… proper, deep breathing will help you relax, focus, and keep better posture. It also gives you something to think about other than tomorrow’s to-do list.
  2. Prepare for class: Don’t show up to a yoga class with only moments to spare before it begins. You need time to relax, focus, and prepare your mind, as well as your body.
  3. Drink and thrive: You probably don’t drink water during your practice, so remember to be thoroughly hydrated before you begin your yoga workout and drink throughout the day.
  4. Dress properly: Ideally, you can eliminate anything that can take you out of your mental focus during your practice. It may not seem like much, but if you have to adjust your yoga outfit, you can’t concentrate. And you just might be distracting others around you.
  5. No prop-shaming: You may not want to use them but put a block and a strap near your mat. At least they will be there. Don’t let your pride lead to an injury.
  6. Zero expectations: Your physical and mental state changes every day, right? This impacts your practice too. Just because you nailed a difficult pose yesterday doesn’t mean it will be so easy the next time. Give yourself a break. Be in the now.
  7. Focus on YOU: Yoga isn’t a competition, so don’t compare yourself to other people in class or be self-conscious about your form. If your form is off, your teacher will help you. Stay inward.
  8. Turn that frown upside down: It’s that simple. Not an idiotic, ear-to-ear grin, but a nice, calming smile. Yoga is about positive energy and a joyful demeanor. If you’re frowning, you might be in pain and not doing something properly.
  9. New is good: Try something new. You may not get it right today, but you are challenging yourself to achieve a new goal. That’s good for both your mind and body.
  10. Don’t skip savasana: If you’re in too big of a hurry to do this, then you’re missing the point of yoga. You warm down after any other type of long exercise, so don’t skip it here. In your yoga practice, it’s especially important to give your body and mind the attention they deserve. Relax. Breathe. Rejuvenate.

Yogis Lead by Example

These are all things you can do today and immediately improve your yoga practice. If you’re already doing them, good for you. Spread the word and improve the yoga practice of those around you. Lead by example!

Finally, if you practice yoga, it is a fact that you are much more likely to engage in other forms of exercise, like running, swimming, cycling, and/or weightlifting. We recommend incorporating a zero-impact exercise into your fitness regimen – isometrics. It is the perfect fit for yoga conditioning.  Yoga Exercises incorporate Isometrics and help with concentration, breathing and body positioning. Isometric workouts increase strength, flexibility, and stamina, all of which are necessary if you want to hold beginner yoga poses longer and learn more advanced poses and sequences.

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