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How To Stay Fit and Healthy in College

We’re not entirely sure how real the Freshman 15 is. But we do know one thing: staying fit while you’re in school can be a challenge.

Why Isometric Training Exercises Are Perfect for Speed

Did you know we’re seeing a trend of trainers and coaches looking to isometrics to help train their athletes. While there has yet to be a study on the relationship between isometric exercises and speed training, enough experts like Bryson Tucker are seeing significant results from integrating isometrics into their routine.

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How to Work out While Traveling

How do you keep fit while traveling? Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you want to take a break from your fitness routine, but maintaining your training is harder than it seems!

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Can You Handle the Ultimate Isometric/Cardio Workout?

You don’t have to choose between an isometric workout and cardio. In fact, isometric exercises are so versatile that you can seamlessly integrate them into your cardio workout.

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15-Minute Isometrics: Try This Intense Shoulder Workout

Want the best isometric shoulder workout for achieving cut, well-defined shoulders? Take a look at our intense, 15-minute workout with some of the best isometric shoulder exercises of all time!

How to Prevent Injury During Exercise with the Proper Workout Form

Everybody talks about the importance of diet and regular exercise, but what about making workouts as safe as possible? The surest way you can take yourself out of commission is by repeatedly performing a workout the wrong way.
And since it’s National Safety Month, we thought we’d create this comprehensive guide on proper workout form – because when you’re working hard at getting fit,you need to know how to protect yourself and lower your risk of injury.

Why Fitness Trackers Work

By now we’ve debunked fitness trackers as completely useless, right? Not so. Fitness tracking and wearable devices are releasing cooler and cooler features, and as a result, growing more popular and effective by the minute.

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How Isometrics Increase Club Head Speed & Help Golfer’s Elbow

If you’re a golfer, you need to start incorporating isometrics in your game, STAT. Isometrics aren’t just the best golf exercises to increase club head speed – they’re also a great preventative remedy for golfer’s elbow.
Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

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Isometrics, the Perfect Exercises for Seniors

Older adults shouldn’t think of exercise as risky. On the contrary, regular exercise is the key to preserving your health. The trick is finding low-impact workouts that keep you strong–without triggering previous injuries or causing more.

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Examples of Isometrics in Common Exercises

Isometric contractions, which are when muscles contract without moving, are actually common additions to dynamic and explosive strength training and cardio. So, whether you know it or not, you’ve likely used isometric training in your everyday workouts.