Isometric Strength Training for Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is on the rise in popularity, with new climbing gyms popping up in every city. This is for good reason – rock climbing is one of the most physically intensive workouts you can get, that involves every part of your body, even your fingers. Not to mention it’s fun, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and is a great way to get outdoors!

The Best Exercises to Improve Bone Strength

When we’re young, the only time we ever think about our bones is when we break them. But as we get older, and the risks of serious fractures and falls come into the picture, we need to make our bone health a top priority. Our bones are living organisms, that naturally break down and rebuild themselves, but when the bones cannot rebuild as fast as they break down, we develop a disease called osteoporosis.

The Ultimate Isometric Workout for Baseball Players

With the World Series happening this month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on America’s favorite pastime. Unlike many other popular professional sports that tend to rely on explosive speed or bulky, brute strength – baseball is unique, involving specific skills, techniques and finesse. In fact, when it comes to strength training for baseball players, traditional exercise routines like weightlifting and cardio need to be augmented for baseball. And there’s no better way to do that than with isometrics.

How to Reduce Pain After a Workout

Since it’s Pain Awareness Month, we’d like to address how you can reduce the typical aches and pains that people get after a workout: it’s called delayed onset muscle soreness, AKA DOMS.

Older woman performing arm raises along with man

The Best Activ5 Dynamic Balance Exercises for Elderly Users

Contrary to common opinion, mature adults aren’t asked to stop their fitness routines. Rather, they’re encouraged to move away from high-impact workouts, and towards low-impact workouts that target the muscles involved in balance.

Our Favorite Yoga Tips for Beginners

Yoga is renowned for its ability to protect your joints, strengthen stabilizing muscles, and improve flexibility. But, did you know that a lot of its poses are isometric?

How To Stay Fit and Healthy in College

We’re not entirely sure how real the Freshman 15 is. But we do know one thing: staying fit while you’re in school can be a challenge.

Why Isometric Training Exercises Are Perfect for Speed

Did you know we’re seeing a trend of trainers and coaches looking to isometrics to help train their athletes. While there has yet to be a study on the relationship between isometric exercises and speed training, enough experts like Bryson Tucker are seeing significant results from integrating isometrics into their routine.

Woman in a plane performing isometric workout with an Activ5..

How to Work out While Traveling

How do you keep fit while traveling? Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you want to take a break from your fitness routine, but maintaining your training is harder than it seems!