How to Work out While Traveling

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How do you keep fit while traveling? Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you want to take a break from your fitness routine, but maintaining your training is harder than it seems!

Because regardless of whether you’re going on vacation or a stressful work trip, the new sights, sounds, appointments, and environment can be too overwhelming for some to continue a consistent workout schedule. And yes, we mean even if you’re staying at a hotel with a gym. 

But new innovations in workout tech are changing when and where we can stay fit. That’s why at Activbody, we thought we’d help weary travelers by putting together the best tips on how to stay active and healthy while you’re traveling the world.

So, go ahead and pack those running shoes – you’re going to need them.

1. Plane Workout

Traveling by plane is 90% waiting, and 10% scrambling to get on your flight. But, since you can’t rely on your sprint to the right terminal as your sole exercise, you can put your downtime to good use with the right travel-friendly workout equipment.

For instance, the Activ5 and the Activ5 Training App offer custom, low-impact exercises that you can do any time, any place. They even have tailored workouts like “The Iso-Mile Club” and “Raise the Mini Bar” to help you achieve efficient strength-training in literally just 5 minutes. Activ5 users can also play with game apps that integrate with the device so you can have a little bit of fun and get fit in the most dreary moments of your travel.  

So, whether you’re stuck in the middle seat on a red-eye or you’re 2 hours into a cross-country road trip, pocket-sized devices like Activ5 help you get fit wherever you are all while using offline mode. 

2. Playground Workout

Playgrounds are the perfect areas to get an outdoor workout! Here’s an example of a full-body circuit you can complete using common features in a play structure and park: 

  • Park benches for step ups / plyometric jumps
  • Pull-up bars for, well, pull ups
  • Swing sets for TRX-like rows
  • Monkey bars for tuck crunches 

Not sure how to find a park or a playground nearby? If you’re in an urban area, you can use your GPS to look for green spaces, which at the very least, will have safe paths for jogging. 

3. Find a Gym with a Day Pass

No hotel gym or park in sight? Gyms all over the world often offer day passes – so for a small fee, you can get a full-body workout using the latest equipment, plus locker rooms and showers to freshen up for your next destination. 

4. Hotel Room Workout

Are you really short on time? There’s no reason you can’t get an awesome bodyweight workout in your hotel room (without getting a noise complaint from the neighbors, of course!).

Your hotel room is the perfect place for push ups, bicycles, crunches, planks, boat poses and more. You can even use the back of those ubiquitous hotel chairs as a support for lunges or barre workouts!

5. Destination Fitness

There are so many ways to revitalize your workouts in an exciting new environment, so take advantage of that. For example, you could do sunset yoga at the beach; take a jogging tour of the city’s cathedrals; put your sweats on and run up a mountain; you can even get in your Activ5 workouts while enjoying a rooftop sunset. 

6. Long Term Travel

Did you buy a one-way ticket to live out your nomadic fantasy? No worries – you can definitely deploy some techniques to ensure that you don’t just maintain your strength, but actually improve your power and endurance during travel. 

Just remember that the key to getting stronger is by progressing your strength through overload – that means pushing your body just when you think it’s about to acclimate. For instance, if you can only do bodyweight workouts, you can push yourself by doing more sets, or increasing your reps every single week.

Before you zip up your carry-on – no travel checklist is complete without a personalized travel workout from Activ5. You can try our workouts designed for travelers by downloading the Activ5 training app (Android or iOS) and heading to our “Car / Plane / Train” series.  

Haven’t tried Activ5 yet? Make your next trip a short one – Activ5 is now available at Apple stores, so head on over to your nearest retailer to demo the Activ5 yourself!

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