How To Stay Fit and Healthy in College

We’ve all heard the legend of the “freshman 15.” It’s the claim that students gain an average of 15 pounds once they start college, and we’re not entirely sure how true it is. But we do know one thing: staying fit while you’re in school can be a challenge.

You’ve got coursework, projects, cramming for exams, internships, jobs, plus navigating a social life. You’re stressed out, surrounded by fast food places, and you’ve got easy access to a dining hall that may not be filled with the best food. Basically, the chaos of campus life is the kryptonite of staying fit and healthy living. But, with some insightful knowledge and tips, you may be able to have the fittest school year yet!

Use the Latest Tech

Gen Z, let’s lean into your dependence on technology (kidding)! In all seriousness, fitness tech has advanced in a way that makes it so much easier for busy folks to get fit. 

Wearable fitness trackers will deliver you your heart rate, calories burned, and so much more any time you want. Then, there’s the countless nutrition apps that will give you readouts on the carbs and calories of every meal and snack you can think of. Apps like the Apple Health Kit can track steps taken, stairs climbed, and sleep patterns. Even the Activ5 has an innovative training app that tracks strength progress, and it syncs with the Apple Watch and the Apple Health app to give you one of the most comprehensive portraits of your health out there. 

The tech’s out there, you just gotta know how to use it!


Use Your Wait Times

Not every moment of college is thrilling. There’s the wasted hours waiting in the halls between classes, bus rides, and those long, dreary lectures. That time might be better used for getting fit, right? We think riding your bike around campus, or a little jog in between classes, or maybe a quick 5-minute session with the Activ5 could be a great way to stay on schedule without completely dropping your fitness routine.

Take Advantage of PE Classes

Yes, there are absolutely fitness classes you can take. A lot of colleges even require that you take some equivalent of PE credits, so might as well get fit and have fun with a fitness college class. Boxing or dodgeball, anyone? 


Get Snacking

No kitchen? No problem. Some studies show that snacking about a dozen times a day may be healthier than satisfying your hunger with 3 massive meals. So, if you’ve only got a mini fridge in your dorm, don’t despair – fill it with healthy snacks full of good fats, like almonds, dried berries, hummus and carrots, and rice cakes to nibble on throughout the day. 


Avoid Being Sedentary

In between hours in the library, hours in class, and errant naps, college students spend a lot of time being sedentary. There’s not a lot of time to practice cardio, let alone strength-training (which is an equally important part of weight loss!). But, making choices like walking to class, riding a bike instead of the bus, and taking the stairs will encourage you to keep those healthy habits alive. In time, you’ll be breaking out the portable workout bands and Activ5 for a quick strength-training session without even thinking about it!

Take Advantage of Nutrition Resources

And we don’t mean taking Nutrition 101. Most campuses usually have some kind of nutrition education department that can help students navigate the perils of campus food and guide them through what’s likely their first time cooking for themselves. We know that not every student has access to their own kitchen and kitchenware, so these resources may be able to steer you to healthy habits and healthy alternatives. 

Yup, we’re seeing more clickers, smart watches, laptops and tablets in classrooms. The next step is using tech to give us an easy-to-comprehend portrait of how active (or inactive) we are. 

With the Activ5’s force readings, you’ll have a portrait of your strength down to the kilogram and you’ll be able to see how it progresses over the weeks. Integrate it with the Apple Health app and the Apple Watch, and you’ve got an overall look at how you’re sleeping, how many calories you’re burning, and so much more!

If you’d like to play around with one of the coolest devices in fitness, step away from the campus store and head on over to the nearest Apple retailer to try the Activ5 for yourself!

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