Isometric Ab Exercises – Activ5 Simple Daily Workout Series Part 4

Isometric ab Exercises

Welcome to Part 4 of the Simple Workout series which focuses on the best isometric ab exercises to tighten your mid-section and strengthen your core. Having a strong core, front and back, is necessary to properly perform almost every other exercise from head to toe. Whether you want to better define your six-pack or simply improve your posture, this ab exercise routine is a real cruncher, and we’re not talking potato chips! Grab your Activ5, and let’s get busting!

The Ultimate Ab Workout – Crunches

Say “sit-up” and you might think of your high-school PE class, fingers laced behind your head, struggling to “give ‘em 10.” You were more likely to strain your muscles than strengthen them. Thanks to Activ5, you can safely perform effective isometric ab exercises that focus on specific muscles in your abdomen, sides, and back – all necessary for a strong core.  Let’s start with crunches.

The Crunch

Like any Activ5 workout, make sure to warm up and stretch before starting. The crunch is the “core” ab exercise and has rightfully replaced the standard (and dangerous) sit up.

Isometric Ab Exercises

  • Lay on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground and knees about hip width apart
  • Place Activ5 in the center of your chest, beneath your palms
  • Contract your core to lift your head and shoulders off the ground
  • Press both hands into Activ5 as you squeeze your core muscles

Remember to lift with your core muscles, front and back.

Bicycle Crunch

Activ5 has a killer bicycle crunch, the kind of sit-up where you try to touch your elbow to the opposite knee. It targets your abs, obliques, and hips.

Isometric Ab Exercises

  • Place Activ5 on the inside of your left thigh, right above the knee
  • Lean forward and place your right elbow on top of Activ5
  • Contract your abs as you press on Activ5
  • Keep your chin tucked, and your left arm relaxed to the side

Remember to keep your back straight and press with both your thigh and elbow. Unlike the standard bicycle crunch, the Activ5 version assures you can actually touch your elbow to your knee and then apply muscle force, which makes this exercise even more effective (and safer).

Repeat on your right side.

Boat Pose

If your stomach muscles aren’t aching by now, the boat pose will sink you. Sorry, had to be done. All kidding aside, this one is a true test and helps improve your overall balance too.

Isometric Ab Exercises

  • Begin seated on the ground with knees bent hip-width apart
  • Place Activ5 between both palms and extend your arms out in front of you
  • Slightly lean back, keeping your back straight, chest open, and core tight
  • Press Activ5 as you squeeze your core

Keep your back straight by pushing your shoulders back. Be sure and press Activ5 with the heels of your palms.

Cat Pose 

This one is a nice way to cool down on the first part of our ultimate ab workout.

Isometric Ab Exercises

  • Begin on all fours
  • Bring both hands to the center and place Activ5 underneath both palms
  • Contract your abs as you round your back to the ceiling, then slowly curve it back down
  • Repeat slowly, while simultaneously pressing Activ5 into the floor with both palms

Push your core down and tailbone up, then slowly round your spine and tuck your tailbone forward. Repeat slowly and remember to breathe in on the up and out on the down. It will feel like you’re pressing Activ5 into the floor.

The Ultimate Ab Workout – Obliques

Now we’ll focus on your obliques – the side muscles that are often overlooked in “full-body” workouts. As with your abs, most exercises you do require the use of your oblique muscles. And, whenever you’re doing Activ5 isometric ab exercises, you should try and contract all your core muscles to further enhance your workout and increase its efficiency.

Oblique Crunch

A similar adjustment to the bicycle crunch, this exercise targets your obliques, but your abs and hips benefit as well.

Isometric Ab Exercises

  • With your left palm, hold Activ5 against your front right shoulder
  • Keep your right hand by your side
  • Contract your abs as you lean towards your left knee

Rotate your shoulder forward and down, using your core and obliques. Repeat on your right side.

Trunk Rotation 

The trunk rotation highlights Activ5’s ability to hyper-target specific muscles within a particular muscle group.  It can be done sitting or standing. The oblique crunch targeted your lower side muscles. The trunk rotation works muscles slightly higher in your mid-section.

Isometric Ab Exercises

  • With you left palm, hold Activ5 against your front right shoulder
  • Keep your right arm relaxed by your side
  • Keep your back straight and both hips square as you slightly rotate your torso to the left

Remember to keep your elbows bent at about 45 degrees. Press Activ5 with the heels of your palms.


The woodchop can also be done while seated. It’s an exercise that works your entire core as well as your shoulders, hip, and legs if you’re standing.

Isometric Ab Exercises

  • Hold Activ5 between both palms with your arms stretched out fully in front of you
  • Place your hands on the outside of your left hip
  • Press both palms into Activ5 as you contract your abs

Try to keep your arms straight and rotated to the left. Press Activ5 with the heels of your palms.

The Ultimate Ab Workout: Be the Chair

We like to end our Ultimate Workout Series with a final isometric ab exercise to test you, push you, and to make sure you’re getting the most out of Activ5. With the Chair Pose, you’re neither sitting nor standing. You are the chair.

Chair Pose

A properly done chair pose engages almost every muscle in your body. (Even your face, because you’ll be contorting it as you struggle to hold this pose.) It’s that good.

Isometric Ab Exercises

  • Place Activ5 between both knees
  • Extend both arms in front of you, while squatting down as if you’re sitting in a chair
  • Press Activ5 as you squeeze your thigh muscles

Be sure and keep your back straight and knees bent. This is hard enough even without squeezing Activ5, but that’s what makes this awesome full-body exercise even better.

Use Activ5 for the Best Ab Workouts

If you climb out of bed tomorrow morning and don’t groan as you remember this ultimate ab workout, then you may not have done it right. That’s okay, because with Activ5 you can do isometric ab exercises again at home or on the road. Forget going to the gym or packing travel weights. Activ5 is the best isometric workout device you can find.  It’s portable, quick, and easy to use, so you can squeeze in short, full-body, low-impact workouts throughout your day.

Next, the Activ5 workout series focuses on isometric leg exercises. This series is the best isometric workout available and will strengthen and tighten your body, giving you the results you want faster than you thought possible. But it only works with the Activ5 portable fitness device and smartphone app. Get one today, and you will understand how powerful and effective isometric exercise can be.

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