Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2018 & Why You Should Avoid Them

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

We’ve identified the five most popular Father’s Day gift ideas, by category. Like our dads themselves, there are no real surprises. And about 85% of you will purchase your dad something from one of these categories. But he most popular gifts aren’t always the best gifts. All we’re saying is that you might consider something else, and we have some ideas of our own.

We Love Mom More Than We Love Dad

Well, if you just look at the numbers, this is a true statement. Sort of.

More cards: Mother’s Day cards will outnumber Father’s Day cards by more than 50 million. That’s a lot of love.

More celebrations: Only 75% of adults (18+) will celebrate Father’s Day, compared to 87% for Mother’s Day. That may not seem like a lot, but it adds up to millions more celebrations.

More money: We’ll spend about $15 billion on dad. Mom will get closer to $22 billion.

More time: Dads get millions more phone calls than moms on their respective holidays. This suggests we don’t call our moms as much because we’re actually spending time with them.

This isn’t to say we don’t love our dads. We do! but the fact is that moms care more about the holiday than dad does. If you forget Father’s Day, your dad probably won’t even remember. You miss Mother’s Day, and you’ll pay for it. Dearly. So maybe we fear our mother’s more? Hmm…

Here’s What Most of You Will Buy for Dad on Father’s Day

It’s not like we can predict the future, but we pretty much can in this case. From neckties to gadgets to sports gear, we tend to rely on the tried-and-true gifts for the father who knows best. But one thing is for sure when it comes to buying a gift for dad (or husband). It’s heck of a lot harder than buying for Mom on Mother’s Day. For mom it’s flowers, jewelry, dinner, a kiss on the cheek. Bada boom, bada bing, and you’re done.

With dad it’s more of an effort. First, he never tells you what he wants or needs. Second, he just doesn’t care as much about it as your mom. Third, there are a BAZILLION things out there that you can buy for your dad, so making a choice can be hard because there are too many choices.

So we did a bit of research and found some interesting gifts to consider and crammed them into 5 categories. Granted it’s not the 5 best Father’s Day gift ideas. It’s more like the 5 best gift categories.

Clothing / Accessories: Yes, the number one gift is the ever-enduring necktie. Practically none of our dads even wear ties anymore, and it’s still number one. Go figure. But, if clothing is your thing, try some options like dress socks, a custom fitted shirt, a cool backpack, Teflon card case, leather travel bag, personalized cuff-links or wallet.

Sports Related: Even if your dad isn’t into sports, there’s some interesting options in a sporting goods store. A super cooler (Yeti), Golf 3D swing analyzer, a fly fishing rod, golf balls (nice ones), hybrid golf club, binoculars, retro sports cap (yeah, it’s clothing too), boat shoes, cool sunglasses, bottle opener hitch cover, board shorts, sports poster (ballpark blueprints or anything signed by his favorite athlete), or a flashlight you can drop from a cliff or runover with a tank. Yeah.

Tech / Gadgets: Tech is always a good option but can get expensive. Options include: smart devices (Echo, Alexa, Home), wireless anything (earbuds, headphones, speakers, gaming mouse, home WiFi system), dashcam, 4k television, new game console, Bluetooth pen (so you don’t lose it), a drone, a smart toothbrush (yes, Colgate has one), sous vide tool (look it up), digital tape measure, or a turntable for his vinyl classics.

Random Dad Stuff: Cocktail shaker, smoker, credit card size pocket survival multitool, vintage stuff (leather football, computer keyboard that looks like a typewriter, retro-watch), a ukulele, a bed in a box (take your pick, and your mom will love it too).

Lazy Gifts: If you’re just too lazy, uncreative, or just don’t care enough to shop, you can always get your dad a bottle of booze, cologne, or a subscription to meat, wine, meal-in-a-box, clothes, records, or razors.

A Watch: Now this really is a sixth category, but depending upon the type of watch, it fits in every category. Take your pick.

Now, most of you are going to buy something in one of these categories, and they’ll be great gifts your dad will love. So, why should you avoid all of these great gift ideas? The answer is simple…

Don’t Get Dad ‘Just Another Gift’ – Get Him in Shape

You may have noticed we didn’t mention any fitness devices or equipment in our list of gifts. That’s because these are Father’s Day gifts you shouldn’t avoid. You should embrace them. Whether your dad is a marathon runner or a couch potato, he can benefit from a wide range of fitness products. It just depends on your budget and your dad’s lifestyle.

Workout Machines: You can’t watch ESPN without seeing an ad for a treadmill, bike, or elliptical. Take a bike ride through the Alps, walk up ancient steps in Greece, float through your workout, or just say “incline.” While you may be sick of the commercials, the devices could change your dad’s life (if you have the money).

Bicycle: Chances are your dad has ridden bikes but may not have in years. There are lots of great mountain, hybrid, and road bikes available for a reasonable amount of money. And the best part is that if he likes his bike, you’ve got a ton of accessories that will make birthdays, Christmas, and next year’s Father’s Day a breeze.

A Gym Membership: This is a lifestyle choice and it’s hard to pick a gym for someone. If he already has a membership, bump it up to an annual or lifetime membership. If there’s a pool in your dad’s neighborhood, get him signed up. Swimming is a great, low-impact workout for aging fathers.

Wearable Technology: A wide range of devices fit on your arm, your wrist or around your chest. They measure your heart rate, speed, distance, and other metrics that keep track of your workouts and progress.

Portable Fitness Devices: It used to be a spring-loaded gripping device to strengthen your hand muscles. Thanks to innovative technology and smartphones, there are now portable fitness devices, like Activ5, that allow you to get a full-body workout anywhere you are and at any time that’s convenient. Whether your dad is super active, could lose a few pounds, or maybe has a health condition, Activ5’s isometric exercises will help him:

  • Get stronger
  • Lose weight
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve stamina

No matter what Father’s Day gifts you buy this year, remember that the most cherished gift your father ever received was you. Happy Father’s Day!


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